Accessorize your Fallout Shelter

Accessorize your Fallout Shelter

The end is near, but that’s no excuse for your fallout shelter to be bland. Make sure you enter Post-Apocalyptic times in style with these helpful DIY projects that will keep your underground Doomsday bunker as fresh as if Martha Stewart designed it herself.

1. Use bright colors. Like khaki. Only khaki. Anything more flamboyant will draw the attention of smugglers.

2. Fresh flowers can really make any ammunitions chamber more cheerful. So can the right kind of medicinal herbs.

3. Create a DIY Shipping Pallet coffee table. For a vintage feel, use a dark stain to age it, or just use it to barricade the door when the zombies come for you.

4. Build extra shelf space in your closet for all the leather jackets and that one greasy, sweat-stained tank top you’ll have to wear all the time.

5. Melt all the pennies, nickels, and dimes you can find into decorative clasps for your blackout curtains.

6. Take thick concrete walls from drab to fab with framed family photos. Maybe don’t hang that snapshot of the beloved family dog that you had to shoot after he began exhibiting symptoms of nuclear radiation poisoning. It’s still too fresh.

7. A burlap sack makes a great curtain for your radiation suit closet.


Whether it's a nuclear meltdown, economic destruction, zombies, or societal collapse - make sure your Doomsday bunker is ready so you can go out in style!

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