You know how they say you should write drunk and edit sober?I'm going to write as the effects of my nighttime cold medicine kick in, and just post this without a second glance.

As my college life will come to a screeching halt in two weeks, I thought I would settle down and list some of the things I'm looking forward to, and some of the things that I am DREADING about my impending adulthood.

Things about Adulthood that are GREAT:

  • Can buy your own Fruit Roll-ups.
  • Can eat as many Fruit Roll-ups as you want to in one sitting.
  • Can eat Fruit Roll-ups for breakfast and nobody can stop you.
  • Don't have to wear pants. (Unless you have roommates or lots of windows.)

Things about Adulthood that are AWFUL:

  • Have to pay for your own Fruit Roll-ups.
  • Car insurance.
  • Apartment hunting.
  • Have to go to work when it snows.

I think that just about covers the essentials. Did I miss anything important?