Dr. Roommate

Dr. Roommate

Paging Dr. Roommate!

My roommate for the summer is a med student. He’s very nice, but incredibly busy. He studied more this weekend than I did in my entire four years of college. For the past three nights, I’ve heard him loudly come in and stumble through the dark house at 3 AM. Every morning, when I roll over at 8:30, he’s already gone.

As such, our interactions have been rather limited. And each one, very, very awkward.


Laura: How did your test yesterday go?
Med Student: It was fine.
*uncomfortable silence*
Laura: I’m watching Anchorman 2…
Med Student: … I have to get back to the hospital.

*Med Student’s door opens*
Laura: Good morning!
Med Student: *runs past in a towel*
Laura: *drops a plate*

Med Student: Does it smell weird in here to you? Like… stale?
Laura: *kicks empty Wendy’s bag under the table*

Med Student: *Clearly becoming worried about my agoraphobic habits* Have you been here all day?
Laura: No! I went to Kohl’s…. I bought a maxi-dress.
Med Student: *Squints to see which episode of Grey’s Anatomy I’m watching now* … Mhmm.

… This is going to be an interesting summer.