Things Every Intern Thinks on Their First Day

Things Every Intern Thinks on Their First Day

Being an intern isn't easy.

You're new. You're either over- or under-dressed. You've got two or three months to make an impact, and you're going to make some mistakes along the way. No matter how many times you've survived a "first day," - high school, college, bagging groceries, or babysitting, adjusting to a new office as an intern is an exciting and exhausting process. These are just a few of the things that are running through the minds of the interns on Day 1:

Where am I? Is this the right parking garage? Right office building? Right floor?

Can they fire me on the first day? Where am I? Someone MOVED my cubicle!! SOMEONE STRAIGHT UP STOLE MY DESK! … Oh. Never mind.

I hope they don’t need me to do anything. I am dirt. I am nothing. My skills include fetching coffee and stapling things. Please don’t expect too much from me.

I hope they give me something to do. … Please give me something to do that is more fulfilling than fetching coffee. I am a sponge. Teach me everything. 

Where’s the bathroom!?Maybe if I walk across the lobby with confidence, they won’t know that I’m lost and on the verge of floating away. Play it cool, play it cool.

Where are the other interns? 

My fellow comrades… If ever there was a time to sing “We’re All in this Together!” a la High School Musical, it is now. We are connected simply by being equally out of our element. We will nervously make eye contact and exchange reassuring smiles every time we pass each other in the halls.

How early is too early to add everyone on Facebook? Is it creepy to extend the digital bonds of friendship on the first day? I wonder if my boss has a Twitter...? Can I update my LinkedIn page now?

Did I just break the printer? Is it supposed to make these noises…?

I definitely just broke the printer…. See “Can they fire me on the first day?”

What do I do about the printer?!?! Do I tell someone? Do I hide under my desk? Should I just quietly slip out the door and never return? What is the protocol here?!

Where AM I?!?! This hallway doesn’t look familiar. Crap. It’s too late to stop and turn around. I’m committed. I have to walk all the way around the office now.

I hope I can find my cubicle again tomorrow. Let’s go again!

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