Things Every Intern Thinks on the Last Day

Things Every Intern Thinks on the Last Day

Being an intern wasn’t easy.

You made a lot of mistakes, asked a lot of embarrassing questions, and did a whole lot of work. You’ve come so far since Day 1.  Now it’s time to move on.These are just a few of the things that are running through the minds of the interns on the last day:

I wonder if they’ll notice I swiped my office supplies. When is the optimal time to shovel those unused post-it notes and Sharpie highlighters into my bag? I always did love that pencil cup... 

WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL EMAILING ME? *Delete, delete, delete* Don’t you all know that I barely work here anymore?

Can I watch Netflix now? There aren’t any new projects to tackle. I’ve been refreshing LinkedIn every ten minutes and the top pins on Pinterest are looking familiar.

Wait! I never _____. Tried the pinball machine/Used the break room Keurig/Found out where that back staircase goes!

I should really wash my coffee mug… It’s been sitting on my desk growing mold for 10 weeks. It’s time.

Where should I turn in my ID? It’s going to be really embarrassing for all of us when I still can’t find the HR person’s desk after all this time.

4:00 - Home stretch! I can’t wait! I’m never looking back… although...

I’m Going to Miss it Here!

Cheers to all the interns for surviving the summer :)

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