What to Do on a Snow Day

What to Do on a Snow Day

Winter Storm Jonas has pounded the east coast with frigid temperatures, ice and snow this weekend, forcing us all indoors.

While most people love a good snow day, being trapped indoors for two, three, or more days can leave you feeling a little claustrophobic and bored. Or so I’m told.

As the closest thing you can be to agoraphobic without actually being agoraphobic, I spend a lot of time holed up in my house with no social interaction for hours. I’m a shut-in by choice, so allow me to be your guide to surviving - nay, embracing! - the cabin fever that comes with being snowed in for the weekend.

If Netflix can’t hold your attention and you prefer not to burrito-up in a fleece blanket and just stare at the ceiling, here are some other viable options for snow day activities. All of these have been tested by myself, and are guaranteed to keep you relatively sane until the snow melts and you can rejoin civilization.

Learn all the words to Eminem’s Rap God.

This will be an excellent party trick once the weather warms up. (Or so I assume, if I ever actually attended parties.) 

Google-search photos of Eminem smiling.

A natural next step. This can transform into an hour-long research project on his toxic relationship with Kim, which somehow leads to watching episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County if you're not careful.

Host your own Master Chef episode, using play-doh food and playing the roles of Gordon Ramsey and all three finalists.

"This Ratatouille tastes like GARBAGE, ALLISON. Did you dunk it in the trash bin on the way to the pan?!" 

Photoshop yourself into the arms of the Jonas Brothers.

They’re burning up. Burning up. For you, baby.  

Clean out the cabinets under your bathroom sink.

It’s been awhile since you went through there. Maybe you’ll find a whole stockpile of those stick-on gem earrings from when you were eight, which you can now wear to a music festival.

Take Buzzfeed’s “Who Said It: Donald Trump or Michael Scott?” quiz.

And fail, miserably.

Runway walk around the house in a Snuggie.

Strut, girl. Strut! Ooh, careful, don’t slip.

How did you spend your snow day?


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