Working Girl

Working Girl

A Chronicle of my Most Embarrassing Interactions with the CEO This Year:*All stunts were performed by a trained professional. Do not attempt at home.

Laura: *Shovels handful of goldfish into mouth*
CEO: *Silently ushers group of shareholders past cubicle*
CEO: No shoes today, huh?
Laura: Oh… uh… I’m a free spirit. ...Please don’t fire me.

CEO: I really like this photo. Whose idea was that?
Laura: That was me!
CEO: Good job.
Laura: *Shoots two finger guns and winks* *Realizes this is an inappropriate gesture for the workplace* *Maintains eye contact and slowly holsters finger guns*

Laura: *Watching “These Hoes Ain’t Loyal” music video*
CEO: *Leading Board of Directors around corner* And here’s our intern…
Laura: *Panicking, hits “X” to close window. Window underneath shows abandoned Google search for “George Stephanopolous”*


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